Nail Therapy focuses on the health and quality of your natural nails, specializing in nail art. We do not do acrylics/acrylic removals. We offer 3 types of Gel services:
- Gel Polish Manicure
-Gel Overlay Manicure
-Apres Gel X Extensions


Nail Therapy performs 'dry manicures' which do not involve any soaking in water or exfoliation. This would expand the nail bed when wet and lead to chipping and peeling of gel when the nail bed returns to normal size. We use E-files in salon to gently buff the nail plate to properly prepare for gel application and to precisely remove dead skin around the cuticle. This allows for longer lasting gel manicures. 

GEL POLISH Manicure     

This service includes gentle cuticle care, light buffing, shaping and application of shellac/gel polish. 
Please add gel removal to your booking if need be.

GEL POLISH MANICURE + NAIL ART                                

See our Instagram Highligh Reels to see which art fits under which category. If you're still unsure, feel free to contact us with your inspo pic!




Gel OVerlay                                





GEL OVERLAY MANICURE                

If you need to improve nail health and want stronger nails, gel overlay is a much better choice than gel polish.
It lasts longer than gel polish and is less damaging.
Gel overlay adds a layer of protection, which keeps nails from splitting/chipping, which is great for growing out weak and brittle nails. Needs to be infilled every 2-4 wks.


Please ensure your nails are bare and have no acrylic/hard gels prior to your appointment. 










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